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Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebooks platform can produce the most detailed and targeted Ad Campaigns around, with you being able to pinpoint your exact target audience or even create a Lookalike Audience based off the characteristics of your current audience.

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Google Ads

Google is the most powerful search engine on the internet. With over 3.5 billion searches per day, where your company tanks when your industry is searched can be vital in determining how many people are viewing your website.

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The Possibilites

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Here are the results for a 30 day window for one of our current clients.

​This particular client is a service based business and as such the main target for their campaign was to increase Reach, Impressions and Clicks through to their particular page of interest.

​We took over and spent the next few days creating a strategy, narrowing down the targets and detailing the audience they are aiming it at.

​Upon starting with our new strategy, this customer has seen a huge 193% increase in reach, 266% increase in Impression and (the most important stat) a huge 142% increase in clicks through to their enquiry form. Huge increase in all three areas, despite only a small 29% increase in spend.

​The CPC (Cost-per-click) for this timeframe was only 0.37p, so that's a hot lead into their webpage/enquiry form for less than 50p each.

Using the average E-Com conversion rate of 2.8% and with this clients service costing approximately £300 - this could lead to 94 purchases across this timeframe and a ROAS (return on ad spend) of over 25.00.

​a 25X return, is a no brainer for any business and of course, this is a highly successful campaign but even with a ROAS of 5.00 - so for every £1 spent you would get £5 back - that is still a no brainer business move in my opinion.

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