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10 Apps you need for your Shopify Store!

A high percentage of E-Commerce store owners use Shopify to host their site. With its easy to use creator and editor, it's clear to see why this is a favourite, but did you know they offer some excellent add-on apps that can help give you a better insight into your customers, website and much more.

In this week's blog, we will go over 10 Apps that can help simplify running certain parts of your business and improve other aspects for your customers.

Shopify Email

Engaging with your customers via email can be a great way of building a relationship with your customers and improving your customer retention. With Shopify Email, you can make use of their pre-made templates that pull your logo, product images, descriptions and everything else you might need from your store.

Shopify email also allows you to import your contact lists, create and send campaigns, track their results (clicks, add to carts and purchases). This is a massive advantage, as you can see what email style etc. results in the best Click-Through-Rate and purchases.

Another bonus is the price. There is no charge for the first 2,500 emails sent a month, and from there, it is just $1 for every 1,000 emails after that.

ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell

One of the easiest ways of boosting your sales and the return from your marketing efforts is to increase your Average-Order-Value or Lifetime-Value (LTV). Shopify has an excellent app for improving your LTV and repeats custom by allowing you to create custom thank you pages (order confirmation pages) that turn your new customers into repeat ones. These pages can be fully customised to contain personalised recommendations and reorder buttons.

Better Replay

Do you see some good figures for traffic but not having the conversions? Betterreplay allows you to view live recordings of users on your site, see how they are interacting with it and what they look at. With this information you can make better informed decisions on changes to try and increase that conversion rate. For example, you might see users are getting through to the checkout and clicking off; with BetterReplay, you will be able to see why more easily.

Pay Whirl

Do you have a product that your customers come for month after month? Using Pay Whirl, you can set up a subscription service so that you can ensure that you repeat custom each month and make it easier for your clients to reorder from you. Some stores offer a slight discount for customers purchasing through the subscription.


Easyship is an excellent app for managing your deliveries. On their dashboard, you can find different quotes for your deliveries from all the primary couriers. It displays other metrics, such as delivery time, rating, service and cost, and ranked. Within the dashboard, you can also manage your orders, labels and much more!

Change Commerce

A great app for inspiring your customers to give to charity. This app produces a widget that sits on your product page or checkout that request a donation to a charity of your choice. The gift is entirely managed by the app, allowing you to create a positive impact with little effort.


Mochi can take your customer service through the roof. Allowing you to chat with your customers in real time, Mochi also gives you data such as how they got onto your site, what products they look at, and even what they add to cart, making it easier and quicker to solve their issues. Even better, if you aren't available, you can generate automated responses!


We mention in a previous blog about Loyalty programs to increase customer retention, Gameball packages this up in a simple and easy to use app. Customers can complete challenges, level up and earn rewards/discount codes. You can also create a referral program where they earn rewards for bringing new customers to your business.

Smart SEO

SEO can take a long time to get right and optimise; with the help of Smart SEO, you can automate the SEO optimisation and drive more search engine traffic to your site.

The free app automatically generates metatags, alt tags, fixes broken links and manages your site map to make it google-friendly. It also provides the data to Google to boost your search engine results!

Product Reviews

Reviews from your current customers can be an invaluable selling point. The Product Reviews app allows you to add customer reviews to your products, increasing your websites and products' social proof.


Implementing some of these apps can help save you time, improve customer service and significantly, boost your revenue!

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