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Google Ads, Are they worth it?

The quickest and easiest way to answer this is - If you have a website, yes and the longer you aren't, the more you'll slip behind your competitors! In short, Google Ads allow you to essentially pay to be at the top of the search ranking for the keywords you select, thus increasing the likely hood of people clicking through to your website.

Still unsure? Let's go over a few more advantages in detail, and I'm sure I'll convince you!

Getting to your audience.

Daily, 3.5 billion searches are done on Google, so your customers are certainly using Google.

Compared to traditional advertising (Billboards, TV Etc) where you have to rely on your customers coming across it and accept that a large proportion of viewing isn't from your desired audience, With Google Ads, this isn't the case - you set the keywords that you want to come up for, so only users that are searching for those particular words will see your Ad. Making it a lot more targeted.


Most Advertising Strategies can take time to optimise. For example, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can take time to optimise so that your ranking increases.

With Google Ads, you don't have to wait. You can get your Ads up and running on the same day. Meaning you'll be able to be in front of your audience more quickly!


Once you have sent a Leaflet, Magazine Ad Etc to print, that's it! With Google Advertising, you have more flexibility. Over time you may feel that your headline, imagery or Call-To-Action isn't quite right, Google Ads allow real-time changes to take place meaning you can keep your Ad ever-evolving and fitting to what you want at that moment.


Google Ads can be a great way of getting ahead of your competitors. With how Google Ads work off of keywords, If a user searches for your industry, you will rank above your competitors, increasing the chance of clicking onto you rather than your competitor's website.

It can also level the playing field compared to competitors that might be a bit bigger than yourself. The more prominent company could have a higher budget but have a low-quality score, whereas you with a lower budget, but a higher quality score can get you ahead of them!

Boosting That ROI

Promoting on Google only gets warm-leads to your desired page; it is then down to you to have a set up to convert them. This is where a multi-pronged approach can come into its own.

You can use other platforms for retargeting the traffic onto your website. If you have a 'Facebook Pixel' embedded onto your website, you can then use a Facebook Ad to retarget that user with more information about the product/service they viewed.

Another method could be to capture email details on your website - you can then include these in your newsletters or offers!


Hopefully, the above has convinced you that Google Ads can be a massive asset to your business!

Eager to begin Google Advertising? Get in contact today, and Mac Marketing can show you the possibilities!

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