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Instagram Features Perfect For Your Small Business

No matter your goal for Instagram, there are some great features hidden within the app that can give you a massive boost towards that goal, be that wanting to build a community or make direct sales.

#1 - Stickers

We've mentioned how valuable and informative stickers can be before, and they go in again here on our top Instagram features for a small business.

They are quick, easy and a great way of getting instant engagement and feedback from your audience.

A poll sticker can be a great way when you are looking at changing branding, or on product design to find which would be better received by your audience.

A question sticker is an excellent way of engaging with our audience to allow them to ask questions about a particular product or for an upcoming product and give a great behind the scenes aspect.

Finally, a countdown sticker can be massive when you have an announcement or a new product launching. Once placed onto your story, followers can click onto it and then get a reminder once the countdown is up. If this is to launch, they will be notified as soon as your product is live and can then purchase.

#2 - Highlights

Something that can be classed as a drawback to Instagram Stories is that they can only be viewed for 24 hours on your page. This is where Story Highlights come in; this allows you to create a selection of stories on your main page that can be viewed whenever by your audience.

You could use this to fill your page with stories that are informative to your audience and boost conversions. Some of the best business pages on Instagram, use this feature to display FAQ or current sale items and have seen a massive boost for doing so.

#3 - Link in Bio

If you are running Instagram Business and are trying to drive traffic to your page, not utilising a link in your bio is criminal. All that traffic needs somewhere to go!

Are you struggling to pick just one link to go in your bio? There are some great tools out that create a landing page for you, (such as so you can have multiple links in one to give your audience an option.

#4 - Instagram Shopping

One of the best additions by Instagram recently has to be the shopping features. It compliments businesses so much.

If you aren't familiar with this, if you are uploading pictures of products from your website, you can tag the item as a clickable tag, which shows the value and takes them through to view on the site if clicked. This is HUGE. It eliminates the time taken by your audience to have to go then and find the item on your website and increases conversions from your marketing efforts tenfold.

You also get a button on the top of your profile that takes them through to your shop if clicked.

#5 - IGTV

IGTV is an excellent feature for uploading more longer and in-depth videos showcasing products, interviews or tutorials. With the increase in popularity of video content, this will be huge in creating a long-term relationship with your audience.

IGTV uploads sit on your profile as usual posts and also appear in your audiences feeds meaning they are easily viewed.

You can also include clickable links on your IGTV captions, which you can't do on your regular posts.


So there you have it, five quick and easy features that will boost your social media effort and help drive sales or traffic to your business if implemented correctly!

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