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Want to Increase the Effectiveness of your Social Media Marketing? Here's 3 Tips!

Social Media Marketing is now considered the most effective and the best 'bang for your buck' marketing strategy that a company can utilise.

Despite all this, it can be confusing and underused by so many businesses.

Below we are going to go over some examples of how you can have a better understanding of SMM and leverage it to your benefit.


The only real consideration in this is the big three - Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Initially, I would suggest limiting yourself to one or two platforms, as the time and effort that goes into effectively managing and running your profile would mean you would be stretched too thinly if using all three.

When choosing which to focus on, it's essential to look at where your customers and target customers are more likely to be. With Facebook having a massive 3 billion monthly users, this is likely to be the best starting destination for you.


The number one, in my opinion, to achieve a long term social growth and an engaged audience is by posting content relevant to your brand and also material that is 'user-generated'.

'User-Generated' content can include reviews and customer images. This can help affirm to your potential customers more about your products/service than marketing claims generated by yourself.

Think about it, how more likely would you be to purchase a product or hire a company for a service upon seeing a positive review, or customer image compared to witnessing a marketing image from that business? I assume a lot more likely. This is the same for your potential customers!

As well as 'user-generated' content, posting content that you create and that is relevant to your audience is key to growth. Content that will be engaged with by your audience will, in turn, lead to more viewing your profiles.

It is also vital that your content is informative and not just 'salesy'. Go with the ideology of being educational and informative to your audience. You will then become the 'go-to' for information on your industry or product type, and then when they require it, they will know who to go to.


With video content and marketing becoming an ever-growing avenue recently, you would be daft not to take advantage of it and incorporate it into your SMM strategy.

Videos can give a much more in-depth insight into your business. They can be more easily digested usually by your customers, making it easier to get your message across than say a blog or caption.

With the rise of video, Live Videos have also boomed. Live videos can be significant in providing a quick, 'off the cuff', insight into your business that your customers can relate to. Also, the majority of platforms will notify your followers when you go live so they can watch.


To summarise, the central part of any marketing strategy is your product/service. You could have the best marketing campaign in the world - but with an awful product/service - your target audience will soon suss you out.


At Mac Marketing, we help sculped your Social Media Marketing strategy so that you are getting the very most out of your efforts. Get in contact now to take your marketing to the next level!.

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