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Keeping your Social Profiles updated, with posts being regularly done, can be hard for a small business with limited staff to keep on top off. 

With consumers more likely to purchase off of a more regularly updated page than one that isn't, you could be losing out on custom and revenue by not doing so!

Quality of posts is also key, how much more likely would you be to enquire or purchase from a company that had a well presented and informative page to one that isn't? I would say a lot more likely.

This is where Mac Marketing comes in, we can cater our package to suit your needs, be that a complete posting and content creation to simply just keeping your posts to a schedule, we can suit.

We will work alongside yourself, to devise a long term strategy to enhance your companies social profile and increase the effectiveness of this.

Combined with the Facebook Ad service, this can accelerate your companies growth and returns from your marketing

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